[rust-dev] RFC: Removing *T

Armin Ronacher armin.ronacher at active-4.com
Sun Jul 28 04:00:41 PDT 2013


On 28/07/2013 11:13, Huon Wilson wrote:
> As I understand it, this is planned[1] as part of the
> move-GC-to-the-libraries proposal[2]: that is, provide some traits with
> lang-items (like Eq, Add, Drop, etc.) which, for example, give library
> pointers the ability to be auto-borrowed to &.
This however will be quite a complex undertaking.  To make that work the 
compiler would have to perform quite a few syntax transformation (like 
moving code into closures etc.).  That sounds quite a bit like opening a 
new can of worms.


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