[rust-dev] rust-0.7 windows build and run

Evgeny Sologubov eugals at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 07:20:47 PDT 2013

On 25 августа 2013 г. 17:39:57 Sun wrote:

> Win 8 x64
> Mingw 4.7.2 x86(downgrade the libthread for rust)

I     managed   to   make   both   rust 0.7 from the installer
and   rust   0.8-pre-stage0  (~/GitHub/rust/i686-pc-mingw32/stage0/bin)
running  on  my  Win7x64  by providing access to these 3 DLLs from the
freshly installed MinGW's bin/ directory:
   - libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
   - libstdc++-6.dll
   - pthreadGC2.dll  v RENAMED to libpthread-2.dll. (rust 0.7+
   don't seem to work with libpthread==2.8.0-3 anymore)

Maybe this solution can work in your case as well.

I      also     had     a    weird    security    restriction  somehow
applied   to /stage0/bin/rustc.exe (and causing  the 0xc0000022 error).
I don't think it's your case, but just for the record I must say that
It was probably caused by the Cygwin's python2.7 version I used during
the  rust  build process. Switching to official Python 2.7 for Windows
fixes this issue.


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