[rust-dev] Division and modulo for signed numbers

Diggory Hardy lists at dhardy.name
Tue Apr 23 08:53:35 PDT 2013

On Tuesday 23 April 2013 08:02:22 Patrick Walton wrote:
> On 4/23/13 7:48 AM, swede at earthling.net wrote:
> > Performance should be about the same when using F-division:
> >   * Performance will go up for division by constant powers of two.
> >   * Performance will stay the same for division by compile-time constants,
> >   since these are transformed by the compiler into multiplies. (I
> >   actually think performance will go up slightly in this case, but it's
> >   been a while since I looked at the algorithm.) * Performance on ARM
> >   will stay the same for divides by variables (not known at
> >   compile-time), since ARM does not have a hardware divider. *
> >   Performance on x86/x64 for divides by variables will go down slightly,
> >   since Intel's idiv instruction implements F-division.> 
> > So one already very slow operation (x86 idiv) gets slightly slower, one
> > fast operation (divide by power-of-two) gets quite a bit faster. It
> > probably nets out near zero.
> I worry quite a bit about that last one. Rust language semantics strive
> to mirror the CPU instructions as closely as possible. This is why, for
> example, we were forced to make `<` respect NaN, unlike Haskell--if we
> didn't, we couldn't use the hardware floating point comparison instructions.
> I'm also nervous about C interoperability.
> Including F-division as a library function sounds fine to me
> though--macros or dot notation may be able to sweeten the syntax.

May I jump on the band-wagon?

I also worry slightly about C interop — not from using libraries but because 
copy and paste subtly changes the meaning.

However, I agree with Erik — F-division should be the default. For any case in 
which I've cared, it's what I've wanted, and I've had a couple of bugs because 
it's not in C++ (in code like arr[(ind - offset) % size]).

I suspect (please correct me if I'm wrong) that if it wasn't for C and x86 
compatibility then most people would fall into two categories: don't 
know/don't care, and prefer F-division. It's one of those little things like 
tau vs. pi which would have been less confusing if we'd started off on the 
other foot to start with.


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