[rust-dev] Getter and setters

Bennie Kloosteman bklooste at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 09:52:44 PDT 2012

> As for getters and setters, I've thought about them, but I'm really
> inclined to say YAGNI here. C# added them, and they actually accrued a lot
> of complexity over time (autogenerated getters and setters, etc). You can
> pretty easily make a function opts() and set_opts(). Our complexity budget
> is very strained as it is.
> Patrick
  Yes you can easily make a function BUT
- Your spending a lot of time making Rust brief yet hear you are writing a
function for every field.. that's a lot of brain dead code.. When C#
started , first they thought properties were a nice to have but later
properties became a representation that means you want to export it . This
allowed objects to control what was exported but without the internals
being exported.  So objects in the GUI bind to properties but not fields
, likewise most serialization and ORMs  used public properties to indicate
the user wants to export this..  Since it became so common (and you would
most certainly not write professional C# code without public properties and
private fields , ) the  new auto property was introduced  to reduce it eg

int field { get ; set; } ;  OR
int field { get ; private set; } ;

Which as most of you know generates a hidden field wrapped  by public
properties succinctly.  This covers 80% of cases but in the other cases
where you need to manipulate it you still need the field and property

That said personally I think there is no point having properties and prop
functions unless  you can have "private"  fields which im not sure Rust can
do as you need a "this" pointer which then makes you an OO language . You
are then on the bitc path and you get into a lot of confusion in whether to
use a trait or a class for polymorphism ...

I do however like something like the HasField constraint so you can hide
the datastructure but expose the fact it has a particular field eg  a count
on a collection but you can hide everything else.

Anyway so what is Rusts position on data encapsulation  , how do you simply
hide some of the data without something nasty like hiding it behind
a external lookup function ?

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