[rust-dev] I would like to remove typestate.

Niko Matsakis niko at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jul 13 09:04:28 PDT 2012

Hello Rustics,

Per recent discussions, I would very much like to remove code related to 
typestate. It seems that the current approach is not scaling up to real 
problems. There has been some discussion about alternative, 
lighterweight approaches. I am not opposed to such forward motion. 
However, the current code is holding me back from landing an improvement 
to region inference—and I have to choose now whether to refactor it or 
remove it. Given that we expect the system to change significantly and 
therefore that the current code will not be especially useful, I would 
prefer to remove it.

In particular the problem centers around the checking and treatment of 
function preconditions. These are not currently represented as 
expressions but rather a special, more limited predicate form. They 
don't have node ids. Type checking then synthesizes expressions and 
creates node ids. The region code then gets confused because it relies 
on node ids as names for scopes and other things, and these synthesized 
node ids don't appear in the AST nor in the various tables based on the 
AST (they are, after all, synthesized).

As I said, there are various ways to repair this situation, but given 
that the code is on life support, I'd rather not expend energy fixing 
it. My plan for removal would be to convert all remaining function 
preconditions into assertions. Last time I discussed this on IRC, 
Graydon objected I think because he was concerned that there were checks 
that were being relied upon but which would not be lost. I am not sure 
if converting existing checks into assertions assuages those concerns.


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