[rust-dev] Pushing to incoming (for those who have commit access)

Tim Chevalier catamorphism at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 19:42:09 PDT 2012


This message is directed at people who have commit access and push
directly to the main Rust github repo. The rest of you may ignore it.

Over the last few days, there has been more breakage than usual on the
incoming branch. The idea of incoming is that you can push changes
without having to push to try first and wait for the bots to cycle.
However, it's still considerate to run "make check" on your local
machine before pushing to incoming. I've had to revert several patches
(from several different people, so I'm not pointing fingers at anyone)
and wait for repeated builds on *my* machine in order to push changes
that I've had ready to go (other than rebasing) for over a day. It's
more courteous if you at least test your code on your own machine.
It's okay to push, see that something fails on a platform you don't
use, and then back it out or fix it promptly; but when a particular
commit causes all platforms to fail, it's hard to see why that made it
into the repository to begin with.

It's easier for each person to be responsible for running make check
than for every person to potentially have to untangle a mess of
commits from everybody else before making a small amount of progress.

Let's all try to be mindful of the happiness and productivity of
everyone else on the team :-)


Tim Chevalier * http://catamorphism.org/ * Often in error, never in doubt
"Debate is useless when one participant denies the full dignity of the
other." -- Eric Berndt

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