[rust-dev] First thoughts on Rust

Brian Anderson banderson at mozilla.com
Sat Jan 28 16:02:27 PST 2012

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> >> * I find strange that Rust has kept the ternary operator even
> >> though
> >>  its conditionals are expressions of their own.
> > 
> > At one point there was some desire to be able to write if-else
> > expressions more compactly and it was trivial to add to the
> > language.
> I can see that. On the other hand, I will quote Tony Hoare on
> trivial-to-add features:
> > I couldn't resist the temptation to put in a null reference, simply
> > because it was so easy to implement.

This comment has moved me, therefore I have filed a bug to remove ternary:


We'll see where it goes.


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