[rust-dev] First thoughts on Rust

Kevin Cantu me at kevincantu.org
Sun Jan 22 20:37:18 PST 2012

You raise some good questions.

Regarding your CLI comments: I have a Cargo package named 'rustx' which has
some shell scripts to build and run a .rs file (like a simple equivalent to
'runhaskell').  Let me know what you think.  I'd also love a REPL, if
someone wants to write it.

Regarding strings: they're in transition now.  Right now, I think you can
choose between vectors of bytes ([u8]), strings of UTF-8 (str), and vectors
of UCS-4 characters ([char]), and the vector library is pretty good.  A lot
of the byte-oriented string functions should probably be marked as
deprecated, actually, and moved or turned into UTF-8 safe functions.
Prepare for some of what you see to change.

I'm curious though, because I've not used it in depth, what makes NSString
so good.  What does it do that Haskell's Text and other languages' string
types don't do?  And what do you need from a core string library that
doesn't belong in, say, an extended package of ICU bindings?

Kevin Cantu
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