[rust-dev] The Rust compiler 0.1 is unleashed

Brian Anderson banderson at mozilla.com
Fri Jan 20 14:34:26 PST 2012

Today Mozilla and the Rust community are releasing version 0.1 of the Rust compiler
and associated tools.

Rust is a strongly-typed systems programming language with a focus on memory safety
and concurrency. This is the initial release of the compiler after a multi-year
development cycle focusing on self-hosting, implementation of major features, and
solidifying the syntax.

Version 0.1 should be considered an alpha release, suitable for early adopters and
language enthusiasts. It's nifty, but it will still eat your laundry. Please file
bugs at http://github.com/mozilla/rust/issues.

This release is available as both a tarball and a windows installer:

   * http://dl.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.1.tar.gz
     SHA256: a1a234592168443b3bd6dce03378ee410393b07f8075c6a56e339638fdda8263
   * http://dl.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.1-install.exe
     SHA256: d66ab7ab30832816460bdec29909be267fb2e4f2baf5add4d9449b8166839ca2

Thanks to everybody who has contributed[1].

The Rust Team

Version 0.1 (January 2012)

   * Most language features work, including:
      * Unique pointers, unique closures, move semantics
      * Interface-constrained generics
      * Static interface dispatch
      * Stack growth
      * Multithread task scheduling
      * Typestate predicates
      * Failure unwinding, destructors
      * Pattern matching and destructuring assignment
      * Lightweight block-lambda syntax
      * Preliminary macro-by-example

   * Compiler works with the following configurations:
      * Linux: x86 and x86_64 hosts and targets
      * MacOS: x86 and x86_64 hosts and targets
      * Windows: x86 hosts and targets

   * Cross compilation / multi-target configuration supported.

   * Preliminary API-documentation and package-management tools included.

Known issues:

   * Documentation is incomplete.

   * Performance is below intended target.

   * Standard library APIs are subject to extensive change, reorganization.

   * Language-level versioning is not yet operational - future code will
     break unexpectedly.

[1] Contributors to Rust 0.1:

Adam Bozanich
Andreas Gal
Austin Seipp
Ben Striegel
Benjamin Jackman
Brendan Eich
Brian Anderson
Chris Double
Dave Herman
David Rajchenbach-Teller
Elly Fong-Jones
Eric Holk
Erick Tryzelaar
Erik Rose
Grahame Bowland
Graham Fawcett
Graydon Hoare
Haitao Li
Jason Orendorff
Jeff Balogh
Jeff Muizelaar
Jeffrey Yasskin
Jesse Ruderman
Josh Matthews
Joshua Wise
Jyun-Yan You
Kelly Wilson
Kevin Atkinson
Kevin Cantu
Lennart Kudling
Lindsey Kuper
Marijn Haverbeke
Matt Brubeck
Michael Bebenita
Michael Sullivan
Niko Matsakis
Or Brostovski
Patrick Walton
Paul Stansifer
Peter Hull
Ralph Giles
Rafael Ávila de Espíndola
Reuben Morais
Rob Arnold
Roland Tanglao
Roy Frostig
Sean Stangl
Stefan Plantikow
Tim Chevalier
Tycho Sci
Wade Mealing

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