[rust-dev] Advanced math library (std::math)

Stefan Plantikow stefan.plantikow at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 16 04:04:23 PST 2012

Am Montag, 16. Januar 2012 um 12:52 schrieb Zack Corr:

> I've started an advanced math library, which I plan on submitting in a future pull request as std::math, if there are no other plans. It currently includes complex number and quaternion interfaces, and sin cardinal functions (which were required for quaternions). Besides the obvious algebra and statistic tools, are there any suggestions of what else to include? The source code is on Github (https://github.com/z0w0/rusty-math).

Hi, that is great.  I'm especially looking forward to statistic tools, like deviation, mean, normalization (normal, softmax), ...

Please keep in mind that all numeric types in core will undergo quite a bit of refactoring as we move more towards using type classes.

Regarding complex numbers I personally think these should be built-in primitive types because they need special ABI handling when interfacing with C code and would prefer using them with lib math where possible to be in line with f32, f64.

Stefan Plantikow

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