[rust-dev] Student projects/internships

Lindsey Kuper lindsey at rockstargirl.org
Fri Jan 13 10:55:21 PST 2012

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 7:25 AM, David Rajchenbach-Teller
<dteller at mozilla.com> wrote:
>        Dear list,
>  As some of you know, I am one of the persons in charge of relationships
> to Universities. As a big fan of Rust, I would love submitting
> Rust-related student projects and/or internships.
> From the top of my heads, I am considering the following topics, and I
> would like to hear your thoughts about them and the general idea of
> getting Rust in the hands of students:
> - writing a modern http server (or an irc server) in Rust;
> - contributing to some of the "easy" bugs;
> - getting Rust to produce Android binaries (it doesn't yet, does it?);
> - developing a web framework for Rust;
> - adding high-level bindings to a number of system-level libraries (e.g.
> nss);
> - ...
> Any thoughts?

Hi David,

Regarding intern projects, I hope you don't neglect the possibility of
letting interns work on the Rust compiler itself, in addition to stuff
like HTTP servers and web frameworks.  At least for me, getting to
work *on* Rust as well as *in* Rust is one of the things that made the
intern experience particularly rewarding; I think the rest of last
summer's interns would probably agree.


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