[rust-dev] net, libuv, etc

Jeffery Olson olson.jeffery at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 09:18:07 PST 2012

First of all, hello list. I'm pretty excited about rust and hope to
have an opportunity to make contributions and learn.

I'm curious about the current state of the 'net' module and libuv.
Looking at the docs, there's just some stubs around IPv4 stuff. I've
heard around that there's interest in building the module atop libuv.
Is libuv going to be a core dependency? Is there an existing wrapper?

I hope you will ship a low-level wrapper around libuv in the stdlib,
as the event loop abstraction is pretty useful (beyond libuv's AIO).

Anyways, I'm inquiring to find out the status/priority of this work
and find out if there's a contribution I can make, here. I'd be
interested in doing the work around adding a low-level libuv binding
to the stdlib, if this is something the core stakeholders would be
interested in. I assume this would also include adding libuv to the

I'd be interested to here your thoughts and any existing plans about this.


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