[rust-dev] Suggestions

Patrick Walton pwalton at mozilla.com
Sat Feb 4 13:17:54 PST 2012

On 02/04/2012 06:21 AM, Arne Döring wrote:
> The second suggestion is concerning tho #fmt macro. #fmt works like
> printf, but its string is parsed at compile time, so that errors might
> be thrown when the string is incorrect. So when you unwind this format
> string at compile time, you know also all variable names and their
> types from scope. So it might be more natural to directly import
> variable names from the scope inside of the String, like it is done in
> many scripting languages. This is also done in tho Programming
> language Nemerle.

Well, #fmt is a macro, and I would generally be opposed to macros 
implicitly capturing the local variables in scope -- that's unhygienic.


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