[rust-dev] snapshot process slight change

Graydon Hoare graydon at mozilla.com
Mon Dec 10 18:12:35 PST 2012


In the process of changing around the AWS infrastructure, I'm moving the
snapshots (and eventually docs, distribution files, etc.) from
dl.rust-lang.org to static.rust-lang.org. This is ... more or less to
ensure no service interruption, while living with the global namespace
of amazon S3 buckets. Can't have two buckets named dl.rust-lang.org
simultaneously. Yay.

Most people should not notice. If you _do_ notice something funny going
on (in particular, if you are making snapshots) you should come talk to
me on IRC and/or try to use static.rust-lang.org and the new snapshots
coming out of the buildbot cluster (which go to static.) rather than
those coming out of the rustbot cluster (which go to dl.)

If all this sounds mysterious and outside your experience of developing
with rust, feel free to ignore! It Should All Just Keep Working.



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