[rust-dev] Rust lightning talk at JavaZone 2012

Daniel Patterson lists.rust at dbp.mm.st
Thu Aug 23 19:09:31 PDT 2012

The difference is that you know where you can get a null pointer, and where you can't. If you wrap everything with Option, then you will be no better off. The hope is that often you can avoid this (i.e., write pure code that cannot go wrong, or isolate and deal with errors), and then you _will_ be better off.

On Aug 23, 2012, at 10:04 PM, Jeffery Olson wrote:

> As a C# developer, I definitely do *agree* with the above statement.
> Simultaneously, Option<T> doesn't solve all of our problems.
> Putting aside whether this is a troll on Scala devs, considering the following:
> http://beust.com/weblog/2012/08/19/a-note-on-null-pointers/
> "...but don’t listen to people who tell you that because you are no
> longer seeing any null pointer exceptions, your code is safer. It’s
> not. You still have to fix your bugs."
> Food for thought. But yes, I do enjoy the lack of NREs (as they're
> colloquially referred to in .NET land) working w/ Rust.
> Cheers,
> Jeff
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