[rust-dev] In favor of types of unknown size

Niko Matsakis niko at alum.mit.edu
Sat Apr 28 14:44:17 PDT 2012

The main thing I was trying to argue for is not a specific syntax but 
rather the idea that a leading @, ~, or & sigil indicates the kind of 
pointer, and what comes after indicates the data that is being pointed 
at.  The orthogonality appeals to me; it seems to make the language "fit 
together" more neatly.

As far as pure visual aesthetics, I think what I prefer most is `[T]` 
for slices and `vec<T>` for vectors.  I proposed this previously but 
amended it because we would need to support types like `vec<mut int>`, 
which are different from ordinary type parameters that do not permit a 
`mut` qualifier.  Since type names are no longer keywords, this is 
somewhat awkward to do, though of course we could manage it (either by 
making `vec` a keyword or by allow `<mut T>` as an alternate type 
parameter syntax that can only be used with vectors).


On 4/27/12 11:12 PM, Marijn Haverbeke wrote:
> I must say I prefer Graydon's syntax. `[]T` sets off all kinds of
> alarms in my head.
> I have no strong opinion on dynamically-sized types. Not having them
> is definitely a win in terms of compiler complexity, but yes, some of
> the things that they make possible are nice to have.

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