[rust-dev] Keyword cleanup

Benjamin Striegel ben.striegel at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 08:53:29 PDT 2012

There was an exchange on IRC last week about removing some keywords. It
seemed a bit too broad and open-ended to open an issue for it, but I didn't
want it to get lost entirely.

pcwalton:we could get rid of "resource" and "be", maybe "while" and "log",
although "trait" will add another
pcwalton:maybe unifying import and use like we talked about
graydon:'as' can go if we pick up go's expr.(type) syntax
pcwalton:I like that syntax
graydon:is 'tag' still listed? looks like in my docs. it should be 'enum'
pcwalton:"note" might be better done as a special kind of class
pcwalton:just RAII-based
pcwalton:notes sitting on your stack print themselves out during unwinding,
but hide otherwise
graydon:maybe. that's how it was done in monotone (where I copied the
feature from)
graydon:'block' is a dead keyword, you can remove that
graydon:as is 'obj'
graydon:'syntax' is likely to prove redundant, or might if we shift around
the order of evaluating attributes and/or make "activating a compiler
plugin" something you can do via attributes.
graydon:pcwalton: 'in' is also dead, I think. 'with' could probably be
turned into something symbolic w/o much work.
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