[rust-dev] Fall-through in alt, break&continue by label

Graydon Hoare graydon at mozilla.com
Mon Apr 16 16:50:09 PDT 2012

On 12-04-16 04:07 PM, Stefan Plantikow wrote:

> Some algorithms just yearn for being written in a recursive style.

Or state-machine style, yeah. IMO the use case for tail calls is more
state machines than recursion. But both can be rewritten without. I
think it's just a style issue; I don't actually know of any cases where
a rewrite from tailcall style to non costs more than a constant factor
of contortion. But I agree it's a nice style to support if it can be
kept cheap.

> In erlang there is an interesting use of tail calls related to atomic code migration

Yeah, but they are running in a late-bound VM with a fixed repertoire of
latent types. Everything about that environment is different. In rust,
if you change anything about your datatypes a hot code reload couldn't
work (it'll fail to find the same symbols). And even if you keep the
types exactly the same, your lazily-bound PLTs will break. And even if
they don't, any pointers into the static data regions of your DSOs will
break. And so on.

I went to some unusual efforts to try to support hot code upgrading at
first in rust (as much as "manually linking DSOs") but have long since
given up on it. It doesn't match this space. Use subprocesses.

> At one point I wrote a wiki page that discusses the idea of making "tail callability" a part of the function type.

It's possible. But I (personally) feel this particular strategy is more
cost than it's worth for the style benefit. Would be better to push on
the costs to see if we can get them to "tolerable", if we want to keep
the feature (or limit to "just module-local and static" or something).


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