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Steven Blenkinsop steven099 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 21:56:31 PDT 2012

I don't know about your use of the term "constructor", but it is true that
"new" is often associated with the allocation side of things instead of the
initialization side of things in languages that make a distinction (many
don't). Go faces the opposite problem since people think of "new" as syntax
for calling a constructor which does initialization, and its "new" does
allocation. But maybe that just helps prove your point, which is that
people have strong preconceptions about what "new" means, so it might be
worthwhile for Rust to pick a different word, all else being equal. I can't
see it creating huge problems, since the worst case scenario is that people
will continuously be griping about how "new" is the wrong word, but if you
can minimize the number of perennial meaningless complaints, you have more
time to address real problems.
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