[rust-dev] Issue tracker updates

Graydon Hoare graydon at mozilla.com
Thu Jan 27 16:08:30 PST 2011


Along with being negligent on the roadmap sort of things, I fell behind 
keeping the issue tracker updated. I've now gone through and WONTFIX'ed 
anything unnecessary in rustboot, adjusted text of bugs that have 
changed, closed those that have been fixed but not otherwise closed, 
shifted bugs that apply equally to the two to rustc, and filed a bunch 
of new feature work on rustc.

If you want to focus on things required for bootstrapping (aside from 
driving your work off the testsuite and/or 'make self'), take a look at 
the bugs tagged [rustc] and [self]. Self in particular, since those are 
the ones actually blocking self-compilation.


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