[rust-dev] Status update and roadmap

Graydon Hoare graydon at mozilla.com
Wed Jan 26 16:31:23 PST 2011


It's been a little quiet over the past month (partly due to the holidays 
and my moving homes -- I've had to take several days off -- and partly 
due to everyone being heads-down and working). I thought I'd update 
everyone on what's been going on, as a few people on IRC expressed interest.

  - In case anyone missed it, Rafael Ávila de Espíndola joined Mozilla 
corp. in December and has been working away on Rust since his arrival. 
I'm very pleased to have him onboard and excited with the work he's been 
doing: so far he's focused on the name resolution system and processing 
imports in rustc, as well as working out an LLVM-compatible way to do 
linkage and version management.

  - Patrick Walton did an incredible sprint on the parametric type 
system in rustc, leaving it *almost* complete by the time he got pulled 
away to do a little more work on Firefox 4; this is nice for me because 
I got to do almost none of the hard work and appear to take credit when 
I made a couple "finishing touch" enabling commits and parametric types 
started working a couple weeks ago. There are still missing corners, of 
course, but this was one of the big risk items on getting rustc up and 
running, and we seem to be over the hump.

  - I got the basics of objects and closures working in rustc, though 
like parametric types, there remain many details to fill in.

After some conversation on IRC I realized there wasn't quite enough 
pubic visibility of the roadmap, nor instruction on what to do to 
contribute. I apologize for falling behind on this. I've updated the 
wiki with a more clearly-stated development roadmap[1] (I'd be thrilled 
if this covered anything less than the remainder of 2011) and updated 
the "Getting Started"[2] page and the README files embedded in the 
source repository. Getting started now has some hints about things to do 
on rustc. I'm now going through the issue tracker WONTFIX'ing the things 
associated with "completing" features in rustboot and filing new issues 
to cover feature work on rustc.

Please let me know if you have time and are interested in helping out 
getting rustc to bootstrap. It's mature enough at this point that 
meaningful pieces can be broken off and attacked independently 
(typically on a testcase-by-testcase basis). I'll post again when I have 
the issue tracker brought up to date with some discrete 'easy'-sized 
tasks for new contributors.


[1] https://github.com/graydon/rust/wiki/Roadmap
[2] https://github.com/graydon/rust/wiki/Getting-started

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