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Joe Walker jwalker at mozilla.com
Sat Jan 1 04:38:55 PST 2011

I've been playing around with rust over the holiday a bit mostly by digging
around in src/test/run-pass. In addition to the main doc, I think that might
be one of the best way to learn how things work right now?

I wondered if it made sense to have a document that gave someone an ordered
list of files to look at. It shouldn't be too much work to create and could
help a lot of the thrashing around that I've done, plus it shouldn't be hard
to keep up to date as the language evolves. Something like this:

A list of rust files to help you understand how things work:

hello.rs: Note rust's unix-like affinity for short names. fn==function.
bool-not.rs: check is a compiler understood assert allowing the compiler to
make assumptions about the code that follows.
bitwise.rs: Node use of ^=, ~ and _
while-and-do-while.rs, const.rs: Familiar constructs
char.rs, cast.rs: Note types of 'X', "X" and 'X' as u8
alt-pattern-simple.rs, alt-type-simple.rs:

Does that make sense?

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