[rust-dev] Unicode identifiers

David Herman dherman at mozilla.com
Fri Feb 25 15:25:50 PST 2011

> In any case, if it worries you in production code I suspect it'll be a small matter of adding a pragma (once the compiler plug-in interface is sufficiently non-vapourware) to clamp your project's source to a particular unicode range.


This sounds like the right approach to me: this kind of restriction is very easy to write in a lint tool, and our planned compiler plug-in approach is a perfect way to encourage people to write these plug-ins. But I'd rather be inclusive and give people the option to exclude, especially if it's not hard to express the exclusions.

I also agree that the risks are different for an AOT-compiled systems language, where the code lives in a single repository and is statically inspectable, than they are for web standards.


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