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Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Tue Sep 5 02:50:21 UTC 2017

On Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 2:41 PM, Dima Kogan <dima at secretsauce.net> wrote:

> So feature requests:
> 1. Instead of 18 unhelpful lines of text, there should be 1 line:
>    Directory not found: ~/.local/share/rr/latest-trace/
>    I don't know if there are any emacs users that tried rr once, saw
>    this mysterious failure, and then gave up. But there could be some.

This already improved on master:

[roc at glory rr]$ rr replay abcde

rr: Trace file `abcde/version' not found. There is no trace there.

Is that OK?

2. Something should expand ~. I think the shell is supposed to do it
>    normally, but here emacs is doing its thing. On the other hand, using
>    gdb under gud works just fine, even with ~. So I don't exactly know
>    what's going on, and some quick debugging didn't make it clear (hence
>    no patch yet). But it's probably harmless for rr to
>    s{^~/}{$ENV{HOME}/} on the path

In theory that could break users who want to replay a trace whose name
starts with '~'...

It appears gud-gdb expands ~ for gdb but not for rr. I'll dig in a bit more.

> 3. On Debian-based distros the package to install is called
>    linux-cpupower. There're multiple ways to see what's appropriate; on
>    relatively recent boxes you can look at /etc/os-release. Debian-based
>    boxes will have ID=debian or ID_LIKE=debian. RPM-based boxes will
>    have ID_LIKE=rhel or fedora or "rhel fedora"
4. I've never bothered to touch the cpu governor, and rr seems fast
>    enough (it is beyond magical!) Does it make sense to print out that
>    warning every time? If so, can it be made less verbose?

That message has been completely removed so these issues are moot.

> Thanks very much for rr. I proselytize when I can :)

Thank you, that's helpful :-).

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