Quickly jump to event?

Benjamin King benjaminking at web.de
Wed May 24 06:48:53 UTC 2017

On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 11:05:22AM +1200, Robert O'Callahan wrote:
>    Ah yes, that works, but I meant this:
>     (rr) run 150000
>     (rr) checkpoint
>     ...
>     (rr) run 200000
>     ...
>     (rr) run 150000 <- This starts from 0 for me, reproducing output etc
>     (rr) restart 1  <- This goes to the same position more quickly
>    So to rephrase: Can I have the behaviour w.r.t. performance of the restart
>    command but with an event as an adress rather than a proper checkpoint? Or
>    is
>    that not possible at all? Or am I missing something and the run command
>    already should do this?
>Yeah `run` doesn't currently work like that. However `info check` will show you
>which event each checkpoint is at and then you can choose the checkpoint. I
>guess you could script a command using Python that parses the result of `info
>check` and chooses a checkpoint.

Ok. I was hoping that I could achieve something like that without creating
the checkpoint in the first place. Maybe this is a weird request. My mental
model of how rr works is still mostly "hardcore engineering + lots and lots
of pixie dust" so I have no intuition on what is easy or impossible to do.
And I have already watched most of your talks about it :-)

I'll add just a few checkpoints then and navigate between them with restart.
Your suggestion to keep track of them with eyeballing the event number from
'info checkpoints' will be helpful, thanks!

>One feature that really should be added to rr itself is the ability to run
>forward or backward to a specific event without restarting.
Yes, or to set breakpoints at events. Maybe a hamfisted approach by setting a
conditional breakpoints at the event location + checking the event number
would already work?


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