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Thu Jul 27 22:42:18 UTC 2017

Used Cap'n Proto before. It's actually much faster than its alternatives
and the extensiveness works like a charm.

I'm not sure if it will work for a big file format in disk though (not
that I have something against it but I've never thought about it). For
example, does it need to partially write some field and continue later
when recording?

On 07/27/2017 07:21 PM, Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> == Problem statement ==
> Currently every time we need to change the trace format we increment
> TRACE_VERSION in This means future versions of rr
> can't play traces created by previous versions and vice versa. It
> would be better if future versions of rr could continue to replay
> traces created by previous versions, at least for some range of
> previous versions. Over time we might drop support for replaying
> really old traces. (I don't see any need to replay new traces with old
> rr versions, which is good because that seems impractical.)
> This is related to but seems
> orthogonal since this just relates to trace file storage. I still
> think something like #1916 would be good but it's not a priority at
> this time.
> I looked through the changes to TRACE_VERSION over the last 18 months.
> They fall into a few categories:
> 1) Adding information to the trace that various tools might want and
> that's otherwise difficult to get, such as the "own namespace TID" of
> each task, but that isn't used by replay.
> 2) Adding information to the trace that needs to be used by replay in
> some tricky cases, e.g. CPUID values, or a new EV_SECCOMP_TRAP event
> type, or a new data blob recorded for certain syscalls.
> 3) Changes to the interaction with librrpreload, usually to handle
> some tricky new cases.
> == Possible solution ==
> Cases #1 and #2 would generally be pretty easy to handle if the trace
> format was extensible with new struct fields, enum values, etc ...
> e.g. using Protocolbuffers or Capnproto. We would want a way to check
> what extra data values are supported by the trace up front, without
> reading all records; we might need an (extensible) trace header record
> with flags for this.
> Case #3 is difficult to handle. It seems that we would have to add a
> "librrpreload interface version" field which only increments when the
> interface needs to be changed (stored in the trace file). During
> replay we'd need conditional code in the rr process to check the
> interface version and adapt to it by skipping checks, adjusting field
> offsets, etc. Not great, but there's not much else we can do given
> librrpreload's memory layout and execution can't depend on the host rr
> version.
> I think a plausible approach would be to use Capnproto to define the
> record format in each of the structured trace files:
> Capnproto lets you define a type schema which
> can be updated in specific ways --- adding fields to structs, enum
> values, etc --- so that data serialized using older versions of the
> schema can be read by code using a newer version of the schema. (It
> also supports the other direction, but we don't need that.)
> Currently the trace data is split into multiple files ---
> 'data_header'/'data' (bulk updates to tracee memory), 'events',
> 'mmaps', 'tasks' and 'generic'. This still mostly makes sense: we want
> to be able to quickly read all mmaps and all tasks without reading all
> events, and we want to be able to read all events without reading all
> the raw-data. However, I think it would be good to merge 'generic'
> into 'events'. Logically, specific event types contain extra fields
> whose data is currently stored in 'generic' blobs, and those fields
> should be subjected to Capnproto's versioning. I think we can also
> merge 'data_header' into 'events', giving each event a list of
> 'data_header' records.
> When making this change I would increment TRACE_VERSION one more time
> and after the version-number line in 'version', add a 'global data'
> Capnproto record.
> This would require people building rr to install Capnproto packages.
> Disclaimer: I've never used Capnproto myself so possibly I've just
> fallen for the marketing.
> Any thoughts appreciated!
> Rob
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