Invoking 'rr replay' from emacs

Dima Kogan dima at
Wed Feb 8 22:43:31 UTC 2017


GNU Emacs currently has two interfaces for running gdb:

- gud:          requires gdb to be invoked with --fullname
- many-windows: requires gdb to be invoked with -i=mi

When starting an gdb-inside-emacs session, these options are presented
to the user by default, so the user doesn't need to remember them or
think about them. It would be nice if 'rr replay' took these options as
well. So

  1. The user would hit 'M-x gdb' as usual

  2. The user would be presented with the default 'gdb -i=mi' invocation

  3. The user would change this to 'rr replay -i=mi ...'

  4. Their gdb session would work as before

This is a trivial patch, and I can contribute it, if it would be
accepted. I know that 'rr replay' does more than just invoke gdb, and
passing through every single gdb option probably is too much, but
passing --fullname and -i would be nice. --annotate would also be a nice
thing: --fullname is a special case of --annotate.

If you would rather not do this, would you be opposed to an option in
'rr replay' that explicitly passes through to gdb? Something like -x,
but that takes in strings and not files? So instead of 'rr replay
--fullname' you'd invoke 'rr replay -g "--fullname"'? In this case an
emacs-specific note in 'rr help replay' would be good.



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