How can I get rr working on a travis VM?

Benjamin Dicken bddicken at
Fri Oct 21 23:27:47 UTC 2016

I have a python script which uses the gdb API that I `source` from `rr` to
do some automated dynamic program analysis. I have also built a simple test
infrastructure that runs a series of tests using this gdb/rr-based script.
All of my tests pass on my local machine, and I am trying to set up a
`.travis.yml` config file to get automated testing on my repository.
However, after fiddling around with it for awhile, it seems rr isn't
supported on travis VMs (at least, not on the ubuntu VM type that I am

I notice that in rr's travis.yml file (, running the
tests is disabled because "because the travis VM's CPU type isn't
supported" so perhaps the rr devs have run into similar issues with running
rr on travis.

Is there any know way to get rr running on a travis VM? Alternatively
(though not preferable), are there other CI services know to support it


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