AVX gdb support landed

Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Tue May 31 21:27:34 UTC 2016

I finally got around to implementing this. It requires passing XML
descriptions of target register sets to gdb, and the most reasonable way to
do that was to package gdb's existing XML description files into rr.
Fortunately the FSF has given them a very permissive MIT-like license so
it's no problem to pull them in verbatim. I'm putting externally-sourced
files under a 'third-party' directory.

gdb already has AVX-512 support. It should be easy to pull that into rr;
some XSAVE-parsing work will be required, and some extensions to
GdbRegister. I only haven't done it because I have no way to test it. MPX
could also be added.

In theory we could tweak or extend the register sets, for example to expose
"ticks" and "events" registers which would be like 'when'/'when-ticks' but
let you use those values in expressions, including conditional breakpoint
expressions (which could be evaluated efficiently in rr via GdbExpression).
I'm not planning to try that myself anytime soon though.

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