Not able to execute rr

Kumar, Atul 3. (Nokia - IN/Bangalore) atul.3.kumar at
Mon Mar 28 09:33:24 UTC 2016

Yes, I am using VM.

perf list output:

erf list

List of pre-defined events (to be used in -e):
  stalled-cycles-frontend OR idle-cycles-frontend    [Hardware event]
  stalled-cycles-backend OR idle-cycles-backend      [Hardware event]
  ref-cycles                                         [Hardware event]

  cpu-clock                                          [Software event]
  task-clock                                         [Software event]
  page-faults OR faults                              [Software event]
  context-switches OR cs                             [Software event]
  cpu-migrations OR migrations                       [Software event]
  minor-faults                                       [Software event]
  major-faults                                       [Software event]
  alignment-faults                                   [Software event]
  emulation-faults                                   [Software event]
  dummy                                              [Software event]

  L1-dcache-loads                                    [Hardware cache event]
  L1-dcache-load-misses                              [Hardware cache event]
  L1-dcache-stores                                   [Hardware cache event]
  L1-dcache-store-misses                             [Hardware cache event]
  L1-dcache-prefetch-misses                          [Hardware cache event]
  L1-icache-load-misses                              [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-loads                                         [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-load-misses                                   [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-stores                                        [Hardware cache event]
  dTLB-store-misses                                  [Hardware cache event]
  iTLB-loads                                         [Hardware cache event]
  iTLB-load-misses                                   [Hardware cache event]
  branch-loads                                       [Hardware cache event]
  branch-load-misses                                 [Hardware cache event]

  mem-loads OR cpu/mem-loads/                        [Kernel PMU event]
  mem-stores OR cpu/mem-stores/                      [Kernel PMU event]
  power/energy-cores/                                [Kernel PMU event]
  power/energy-pkg/                                  [Kernel PMU event]
  power/energy-ram/                                  [Kernel PMU event]

  rNNN                                               [Raw hardware event descriptor]
  cpu/t1=v1[,t2=v2,t3 ...]/modifier                  [Raw hardware event descriptor]
   (see 'man perf-list' on how to encode it)

  mem:<addr>[:access]                                [Hardware breakpoint]

Out put of “dmesg|grep PMU”

[    0.156083] Performance Events: 16-deep LBR, SandyBridge events, core PMU driver.
[    1.180051] RAPL PMU detected, hw unit 2^-0 Joules, API unit is 2^-32 Joules, 3 fixed counters 10737418240 ms ovfl timer

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On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 10:09 PM, Kumar, Atul 3. (Nokia - IN/Bangalore) <atul.3.kumar at<mailto:atul.3.kumar at>> wrote:

rr -F record a.out
rr: Saving the execution of `a.out' to trace directory `/root/.local/share/rr/a.out-4'.

rr internal recorder error: Performance counter doesn't seem to be working. Are you perhaps running rr in a VM but didn't enable perf-counter virtualization?

Are you running rr in a VM?
What does 'perf list' show?
What does 'dmesg|grep PMU' show?

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