Not able to execute rr

Kumar, Atul 3. (Nokia - IN/Bangalore) atul.3.kumar at
Mon Mar 28 09:09:41 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I am very new to rr, and trying to use it.

I did all installation steps as mention below in RHEL7.

now executing a program below program:

int main()
  int i = 10;

  printf("integer value = %d",i);
  while (1)

  return 0;

But while execution getting below error

rr -F record a.out
rr: Saving the execution of `a.out' to trace directory `/root/.local/share/rr/a.out-4'.

rr internal recorder error: Performance counter doesn't seem to be working. Are you perhaps running rr in a VM but didn't enable perf-counter virtualization?

Can u guide me to resolve the below issue.

Best regards,

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