Replay divergence with VMWare Fusion 8

Jan de Mooij jdemooij at
Wed Mar 2 15:24:02 UTC 2016


Is anyone using rr with VMWare Fusion 8+? The wiki [0] mentions Fusion 7
should work, but with Fusion 8.1 I get very frequent replay divergences.

For instance, I get a divergence when I replay just starting and
immediately closing Firefox. I've set the
monitor_control.disable_hvsim_clusters setting to true, as mentioned on the

Some more data:

* Guest is Ubuntu 15.10, 64-bit, kernel 4.2.0-30
* Host is OS X 10.10, i7 4960HQ.
* rr was the latest revision as of last week.
* The tests pass, but sometimes I get a single failure - I'll look into
that next.
* The divergence is non-deterministic: sometimes I don't get it at all and
it's not always at the same location.
* See below for the failure message.

If Fusion 8 works fine for others, I'd love to hear about it.



[ERROR /home/jan/dev/rr/rr/src/
errno: 0 'Success']
 -> Replay diverged; target registers mismatched:
[FATAL /home/jan/dev/rr/rr/src/
errno: 0 'Success']
 (task 2170 (rec:1996) at time 20060)
 ->  Assertion `false' failed to hold. overshot target ticks=359136195 by 8
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