Exposing RR data to GDB

Benoit Girard bgirard at mozilla.com
Sat Jan 16 09:38:24 UTC 2016

I spent tonight experimenting with the UI for RR in GDB. You can find a
screenshot here:

My pull request makes it easier to fetch data from RR using GDB commands.
Previously you could only only call functions with one data word and return
one data word at a time. Now you can pass several arguments and return a
string. This allows implementing more advanced commands.

I'm hoping this will make it possible expose better UI and provide a better
interaction with RR.

I experimented a bit with exposing RR Events and showing the previous and
next thread switches. The latter might be make it a tad easier to debug
multithreaded bugs.

What would be worth while exposing that would improve debugging? Are there
any low hanging fruits?
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