failing test on master

Robert O'Callahan robert at
Tue Aug 9 03:39:03 UTC 2016

OK I think I see the problem, though I don't understand it. has
TARGET_EVENT=$(grep 'thread 2 launched ' record.out | awk '{print
echo Targeting recorded pid $TARGET_PID at event $TARGET_EVENT ...

Your test output says
Targeting recorded pid 29313 at event 47 ...

But record.out contains
[rr 29313 473]thread 2 launched with data 0x1bc7040

So it looks like we're only using the first two characters of the third
token to get the event number, and getting 47 when we should get 473.

I don't know awk at all, but that expression sure looks like it should be
getting the first three characters of the token :-(.

Maybe you can re-run that grep/awk expression from the command line and
determine why it's computing 47 instead of 473?

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