rr 4.0.0 released

Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Thu Oct 22 12:34:00 UTC 2015

I finally got around to releasing rr 4.0!

rr 4.0 is the first stable release with reverse-execution enabled. It's
been used by many Mozilla developers for months. It's about as stable as rr
has ever been, as far as I know --- meaning it seems to be generally
working for people and very few new issues have been coming in. However, I
did recently fix a few egregious bugs --- in particular, auto-checkpointing
for reverse execution was rather broken and at every checkpoint we would
clone a checkpoint, throw that away, and then do it again. Good to fix
that. There were also some edge cases where reverse execution would be
pathologically slow or hang that got fixed.

For this release I switched to Github's release infrastructure, where you
just attach binary packages to Github's release-tags page. This avoids
having to store them in the gh-pages branch, which is a very good thing. To
unbloat the repository I used git filter-branch to strip the package
binaries from the history and force-updated gh-pages with the new history.
I also updated the rr-project.org page a bit.

Right now quite a few people are happily using rr and there's no simple
improvement that would make them significantly more productive with it, as
far as I can tell, so I have no urgent plans for significant rr updates.
For my next rr task I'd like to investigate some of the intermittent
Firefox bugs that have been fixed but were not reproducible under rr, to
understand why they wouldn't reproduce under rr and what we could do to fix

By the way, Mozilla is interested in hiring people to work on rr-related
technology, more closely integrated with the browser. I'd like to hear from
people who're interested.

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