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On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 2:52 PM, Downing, Evan P <edowning3 at>

> I'm gathering data such as network traffic, plugins installed, files
> downloaded using Firefox, etc.
> I could just use PANDA, but extracting the information could take a long
> time.
> The performance overhead is large.

What's PANDA's recording performance overhead?

It would be faster if I used rr to extract preliminary information to
> determine if the data is worth studying more, and then perform an in-depth
> analysis using PANDA.
> Sort of like zooming in on the problem (using PANDA) once I've discovered
> it (using rr).

For that to work, your best bet is probably to use rr to record a Firefox
session, running the whole thing under QEMU-KVM with PMU enabled. Then
switch the QEMU mode to PANDA, and run rr replay in it. But you would need
to extend QEMU/TCG to support the retired-conditional-branches counter.

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