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Fri Oct 2 16:51:31 UTC 2015

Hello all,

I have looked through the previous threads on this mailing list and have not found this question, but many apologies of this has already been discussed.

I am interested in using Mozilla rr on an older version of QEMU.

Of course the problem with this is that rr needs a processor in order to work properly, so the emulated CPU must be well-implemented.

For this QEMU version (1.0.1), I can only use core2duo (which I believe to be synonymous with "Intel Merom" in your source code) as my processor for rr, as the other processors are too out of date for rr to use.

A list of CPUs I can use with this version of QEMU are:

  *   x86           [n270]
  *   x86         [athlon]
  *   x86       [pentium3]
  *   x86       [pentium2]
  *   x86        [pentium]
  *   x86            [486]
  *   x86        [coreduo]
  *   x86          [kvm32]
  *   x86         [qemu32]
  *   x86          [kvm64]
  *   x86       [core2duo]
  *   x86         [phenom]
  *   x86         [qemu64]

In order to make this work with rr, I need addresses for retired conditional branches, retired instructions, and hardware interrupts.

In your source code ( you state that these addresses should only be modified if we know what we are doing.

I also read in your presentation that these addresses just require work/time to find.

Would you mind telling me how to go about finding these addresses for "Intel Merom" and if this idea of mine will even work for rr?



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