Robert O'Callahan robert at
Mon Sep 22 23:07:46 PDT 2014

I've been refactoring the code a bit. Lots of bits and pieces but a couple
of notable things:
-- I just checked in a complete conversion to use remote_ptr<T> for all
pointers in the address space of a tracee process. The main advantage is
that it's now clear at a glance whether a variable is a pointer in rr's
address space or a pointer in a tracee. There's also some typechecking to
prevent simple errors.
-- I've eliminated all use of the term "rbc" and most usage of the term
"rcb". "rcb" is now only used when we specifically are referring to retired
conditional branches. Elsewhere, when we're referring to a generic
performance counter value that is used as a proxy for progress, we use the
term "ticks".

Probably the next major thing I'll do is move recording and replay logic
into RecordSession and ReplaySession. The debugging logic from
will be split out of the general replay code and put in a new class which
is a client of ReplaySession.

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