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Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Wed Oct 29 06:37:11 PDT 2014

A basic Session API is now in place. RecordSession, ReplaySession and
DiversionSession expose APIs to let you record task-group execution, replay
a recording in a ReplaySession, clone ReplaySessions, and clone a
ReplaySession to a DiversionSession and run it. Each Session subclass
exposes a step() API that runs the tracees for some quantum and returns a
status, which includes values such as "reached a breakpoint". Access to
per-task state (including setting and clearing breakpoints and watchpoints)
is still through Task.

Next I plan to refactor the debugger support code in diverter.cc and
replayer.cc into two classes:
-- ExecutionManager: a class that manages a set of ReplaySessions for the
same replay, including a set of checkpoint sessions ordered by time and a
"current session". This can expose APIs to jump the current session to
certain events (intelligently choosing the best checkpoint as a starting
point). This is where we can add reverse execution simulation.
-- GdbServer: a class built on ExecutionManager that provides all the gdb
support. You should be able to initialize a GdbServer with a ReplaySession,
and then it will give you a port back you can connect gdb to, and then it
will provide the full set of rr features.

We can probably also provide a GdbServer constructor that takes any Session
and provides read-only access without any resume ability --- used for

I'll probably move the debugger_gdb code into a GdbServerProtocol class
along the way.

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