rr 1.4 released

Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Mon Jun 16 02:19:25 PDT 2014

Among many fixes from many contributors, a few notable user-visible changes
since 1.3.0:
-- Both known Haswell-related issues have been fixed, one affecting rr
running in a VM and the other affecting rr running on bare metal. rr should
work fine on Haswell CPUs now.
-- Bugs fixed so rr can reccord and replay Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04.
-- Support for tracee checkpointing added to rr. This is exposed to users
in two ways:
a) When using rr's -p or -g options to attach gdb after the start of a
trace, restarting debugging with gdb's "run" command restarts from a
checkpoint of the attachment point instead of having to rerun the program
to reach the attachment point.
b) gdb's "checkpoint", "restart" and "delete checkpoint" commands are
reimplemented to use rr checkpoints. The "checkpoint" command creates a
snapshot of the current tracee state, and the "restart" command returns to
the state of the chosen checkpoint.

Checkpointing also lays the groundwork for resolving issue #605 --- the
ability to run tracee functions from gdb. Hopefully that will appear in an
rr release soon. Meanwhile Nathan Froyd is making progress towards x86-64
support. Good times!

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