x86-64 porting

Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Wed Jul 23 17:40:17 PDT 2014

We've created a kernel_abi.h header file that defines per-arch structures
and system call numbers, as members of a per-architecture "Arch" class.
Other per-arch information should be placed there. We've begun the process
of templating various pieces of rr code over Arch. There is also a
supported_arch enum, and in some places we've introduced dynamic arch()
getters and checks.

One reasonably easy thing that is going on right now is eliminating all
uses of SYS_foo syscall numbers in favour of Arch::foo. This requires
templating a bunch of code with an Arch class parameter and making related

Here's a rough and incomplete plan I just made up for how we could proceed:

1) Build rr 64-bit (but still only supporting 32bit tracees)
-- Add multi-arch support to Registers and ExtraRegisters, to break
dependence on user_regs_struct
-- Finish moving SYS_ numbers to Arch (see above)
-- Fix other breakage we'll inevitably find
[We don't want to support 64bit tracees from 32bit rr, but I suppose we
probably should keep being able to build rr 32-bit since there are some
static checks for kernel_abi.h correctness that that enables.]

2) Support basic record/replay of 64bit tracees --- no syscallbuf
-- Add tracee arch detection
-- 64bit trace records
-- Audit code for remaining issues that need templated code paths for 64bit
-- Audit code to make sure we use uintptr_t/intptr_t for machine words, in
non-templated code
-- Build test suite in both 32bit and 64bit mode and run both sets of tests

3) gdb support for 64bit tracees

4) syscallbuf
-- Build separate librrpreload for 32-bit and 64-bit targets and get the
right ones injected, and support both from rr
-- Adding syscallbuf patching in lieu of vsyscall

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