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Wed Jul 23 11:29:27 PDT 2014

I caught up with Rob yesterday to discuss ongoing and future projects.  I'd
like to finish that discussion here by collecting a list and trying to
agree on relative priorities.  Then we can move the data to a wiki page;
probably turning this into the wiki's landing page.

Projects that would have a big user impact, in priority order
 - already underway: finish x86-64 support[1].  Merits its own major
release.  It's not quite clear to me yet where, or if, additional
developers can contribute to this effort.
 - add reverse-continue/reverse-step/et al. support.  Merits its own major
release.  First step should be a wiki page with a design overview.

Projects that would have some user impact, in no particular order
 - compress traces[2].  (Consume up to 40x less space.)
 - finish implementing gdb's "machine interface" (gdb-mi) [3], to support
Eclipse and emacs gud-gdb debuggers

Projects that would help developers, in priority order
 - code cleanups.  Especially migrating verbose C-idiom code to C++.
 - switch to using instructions-retired counter instead of
retired-conditional-branches [4].  This solves a variety of practical and
theoretical problems.

Projects with a research-y direction, in ~priority order
 - chroniclerr: hack rr to support "omniscient debugging" [5].  Needs
better UI for full power.
 - on top of chroniclerr infrastructure, allow running valgrind tools over
rr traces (i.e. ex post facto valgrind).  Possibly related to recent work
with PANDA[6].
 - start on tech report or academic-style paper describing rr and results

There's a long tail of not-necessarily-high-priority stuff, some of which
is listed here [7].

Anything to add, or suggestions about priority?


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