Milestone: found and fixed a Gecko bug using rr :-)

Robert O'Callahan robert at
Fri Jan 31 17:20:23 PST 2014
I believe this is the first time rr has been useful for something real :-).

The bug is not very important, but it would have been difficult to figure
out without rr, since it depends on a race between thread->Shutdown() and
that thread doing a sync dispatch to another thread.

The bug was exposed by the "Completely Unfair Scheduling" mode that I
recently added to rr, plus a set of Gecko patches for "chaos mode" that do
things like set random priorities on threads. Of course, it all depends on
the progress cjones has made on rr and especially the gdbserver support.

Reenabling all tests disabled for intermittent failures, applying my chaos
mode patches to Gecko, and then running test suites under rr
(content/media/tests is what I'm currently focused on), is recording a
number of different Gecko bugs which I am now working through. It's

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