Summary of Portland meeting

Yichun Zhang (agentzh) agentzh at
Sun Dec 7 20:17:47 PST 2014


On Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 4:44 PM, Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> -- Prior to the meeting I brainstormed with Jason Orendorff about how to
> provide the JS debugger API in an rr replay.

Hmm, gdb already provides Python as its (only) officially supported
extension language. Should we consider that first? We've already
accumulated a lot of advanced debugging tools based on gdb python in
the nginx-gdb-toolkit project, for example:

(And all of them seem to be already working fine already in the rr
replay with gdb.)

Personally I'm more interested in embedding smaller and faster
scripting language into such debugging tools, like the standard Lua
interpreter and LuaJIT 2. When working with large working set, the
speed is also very important. We've had a hard time with our existing
gdb python scripts, for example. LuaJIT is usually much faster (and
much smaller) than V8, unless GC is the bottleneck. But yeah, I
completely understand there are way more JS programmers than Lua
programmers out there. Maybe providing more options is a good choice
here :)

Well, just my 2 cents :)

At last but not least, I'm very excited about all the new progress in
rr and looking forward to making use of it to tackle some really hard
problems in our own CDN systems.


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