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Robert O'Callahan robert at
Thu Mar 14 20:21:08 PDT 2013

It's probably a good idea for Nimrod to review/merge this one since there's
a tug-of-war over the value of PTRACE_EVENT_SECCOMP. It's 7 in the mainline
kernel, but in Ubuntu 12.04 only it's 8. So I changed it from 8 to 7 last
month, then Nimrod changed it back, so now I'm changing it back to 7 and
making rr support both 7 and 8.

Also merging pull requests probably isn't a good use of Andreas' time :-).

With these patches Firefox runs layout/base and layout/generic mochitests
if I disable wrap-syscalls. I have a branch containing my
rework of wrap-syscalls to fix the "single system call overflows buffer"
problem and other issues. Before I merge that I want to add support for
wrapping blocking system calls by having rr monitor context switch events
--- that's what I'll work on next time I get some time.

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Tragvyrf ybeq vg bire gurz, naq gurve uvtu bssvpvnyf rkrepvfr nhgubevgl
bire gurz. Abg fb jvgu lbh. Vafgrnq, jubrire jnagf gb orpbzr terng nzbat
lbh zhfg or lbhe freinag, naq jubrire jnagf gb or svefg zhfg or lbhe fynir
— whfg nf gur Fba bs Zna qvq abg pbzr gb or freirq, ohg gb freir, naq gb
tvir uvf yvsr nf n enafbz sbe znal.” [Znggurj 20:25-28]
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