(Very!) basic gdb support landed

Chris Jones jones.chris.g at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 20:21:19 PDT 2013

Just wanted to drop a note that gdb can now be used with rr, if these
criteria are met
 - trace without the syscall buffer
 - traced program is single threaded
 - only uses regular syscalls
 - no signals or rdtsc

(Of course, these artificial restrictions will be lifted as bugs are sorted

To attach gdb to rr, do something like the following

$ rr --record foo
$ rr --replay trace_0

rr will print a line that looks like

[INFO] (rr/src/replayer/dbg_gdb.c:121) rr debug server listening on :[port]

Once you see this, run gdb

$ gdb foo
(gdb) target remote :[port]

replacing [port] with the number rr printed.  gdb is able to set
breakpoints, continue, backtrace, step, etc., but of course we can't allow
modifying arbitrary registers or memory without the risk of replay

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