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Tue Jun 15 12:07:58 PDT 2010

Hi there,

I have three minor questions about the Advanced Key Handling spec:

1. The spec "encourages the forwarding of all events even if the plugin already handled them." What are some of the benefits of passing along non-keyboard or otherwise handled events?

2. When you put your focus in plug-in content and then alt-tab out of the browser to another application, and then you alt-tab back, the focus is not automatically back in the plug-in without the help of some JavaScript. Will this feature address this? Or, should I log a bug?

3. One of the bugs fixed by this spec is this age-old issue:
"(PluginShortcuts) Application shortcut keys (keyboard commands such as f11, ctrl+t, ctrl+r) fail to operate when plug-in (flash, acrobat, quicktime) has focus"

I am able to reproduce this bug on Windows and Linux but not on Mac. I've tried Command-w, Command-q, and other combinations. Mac Firefox 3.6 with Flash Player 10.1 (and possibly earlier versions as well) works as expected. Does this bug affect the Mac (maybe it only affects specific keystrokes that I haven't tried)?


Michelle Sintov
Flash Player Engineering

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The Advanced Key Handling (AKH) spec has been updated for clarity and support variables have been assigned.

Support for AKH has been committed to the npapi-headers repository. We're hoping to implement soon.

Josh Aas
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