moving core animation drawing model to accepted status

Kevin Decker kdecker at
Mon Feb 22 23:25:08 PST 2010

On Feb 22, 2010, at 6:23 PM, Benoit Girard wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> We have been trying to use CARenderer to implement the drawing model however I can't get it to render the Presentation Layer and I get a segfault when trying to render a QTMovieLayer.

Hey Beniot,

Have you identified this as the point of failure? What happens when you experiment with other layers? Eg, starting with a custom layer with a background of kCGColorBlack? How about a Quartz Composition layer?

> I have a sample project where I've been experimenting with CARenderer however I can't get it to render consistently with how the CALayer would appear if it was backed by an NSView.

Benoit while I'm not familiar with this specific one, I've personally dealt with similar CALayer -> NSView integration issues. It might be helpful to know that in WebKit we've been gradually removing dependencies on NSView. Core Animation plug-ins ran better when we weaned them off a layer-backed NSView.


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