moving core animation drawing model to accepted status

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Mon Feb 22 18:23:24 PST 2010

Hi Kevin,

We have been trying to use CARenderer to implement the drawing model however I can't get it to render the Presentation Layer and I get a segfault when trying to render a QTMovieLayer. I currently have an active DTS support request but I have not heard back from them in a week. Does CARenderer make any additional assumptions from what is listed in the class documentation or is there any example demonstrating its proper usage?

I have a sample project where I've been experimenting with CARenderer however I can't get it to render consistently with how the CALayer would appear if it was backed by an NSView.


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On Jan 17, 2010, at 9:12 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> From looking around in the headers I haven't found any obvious way to
> get a CALayer's contents into an IOSurface; I have found the bridges
> to CIImage and OpenGL texures. Do you have any pointers?
> Thanks,
> -Ken

I think a good place to start might be to look at CARender. it's job is to render a layer tree to an OpenGL context, which sounds like exactly the kind of thing you want.

Have fun!

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