standard NPAPI headers

Josh Aas josh at
Mon Apr 26 12:06:26 PDT 2010

In an effort to minimize the risk of binary compatibility errors and reduce source compatibility issues, Stuart Morgan and I have started a project to standardize NPAPI headers.

Our hope is that this project can serve as the authoritative source for NPAPI headers. Plugin developers should be able to use these headers and expect their plugins to work in any browser.

We are hoping that browser vendors will sync headers with this project. Even when browser vendors don't have an exact copy of these headers, it should be easy to use 'diff' to see differences. Mozilla is planning to sync with this repository and we are working on resolving issues so that WebKit and Chromium can sync.

When new NPAPI specifications are accepted we'll update the standard headers immediately. This wouldn't have any impact on the NPAPI proposal process.

Josh Aas
Software Engineer
Mozilla Corporation

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